About EZaccessMD

An Expert Medical Team That’s Here for You

Our team of medical doctors and physician’s assistants is here to take your questions any time of day. All are board certified in their specialties, including emergency medicine, pediatrics, advanced cardiovascular life support and advanced trauma life support, to name a few. They are highly qualified to provide remote consultations for a vast array of medical issues, from the most common aches and pains to more serious conditions.

You can have confidence in our ability to give you the best telemedicine care available in a manner that makes your time and needs our top priority. Our team brings decades of emergency and telemedicine experience to your service.

We promise that by partnering with EZaccessMD you will join many who have already benefitted from telemedicine offered by the finest providers our region has to offer.

Our Mission is to Provide Better Access to Healthcare

You and your loved ones deserve to be cared for in a competent, caring, and timely manner.

Meet our EZaccessMD Team

Will IrwinWill Irwin
CEO and Owner

Will is a visionary with a mission. As a healthcare entrepreneur, he grew a small mobile imaging company to become the leader in its field by leapfrogging the competition with an array of new technology and service delivery models. With EZaccessMD he enhances the current telemedicine experience by bringing mobile based tests and assessments to the patient’s home. Will is a graduate of Princeton University and received his MBA at the Wharton School.

loisirwinLois Irwin
President and Owner

Lois is an innovator and leader. Early in career, she was part of the team that developed the first laptop PC at IBM. Since moving to healthcare, she has grown UltraMobile Imaging to be the regional market leader in mobile diagnostic imaging. Lois has positioned EZaccessMD at the nexus of telemedicine and mobile services, merging new technology and existing infrastructure to create a unique network for medical care. Lois received her BS and MBA from Cornell University.

Leann Eichas
Director of Sales

Leann is someone who truly cares about the well-being of others. She holds a bachelor’s degree in health science from SUNY College at Brockport and a degree in diagnostic medical sonography from Rochester Institute of Technology. As a busy mom of two, she understands the obstacles people face when trying to live a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s taking the time to seek care for themselves or becoming more active. As part of EZaccessMD she helps others gain access to better health options.

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