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How it works for Business

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Improve Healthcare for your Employees and Maximize use of Healthcare Dollars

Mobile Healthcare Doctor giving X-Ray at an EZaccessMD members office

The only telehealth service with over 50% employee utilization.

Let EZaccessMD be part of your healthcare strategy

Services are offered on a low cost, per employee per month subscription basis. Coverage extends to the employee, their spouse and dependents under the age of twenty seven.

EZaccessMD will ultimately lower utilization of traditional health care plans, which may allow premium negotiations. Self-insured businesses can immediately see savings that go straight to the bottom line.

We have the potential to mitigate Workman’s Comp Claims.

EZaccessMD Mobile Team

Our mobile services include: on-the-spot basic labs (strep, flu, urine), X-ray, ultrasound, ear/nose/throat exams, basic cardiac exams and much more!

The EZaccessMD Impact

One Client’s Experience

Reduced Healthcare Premium increase 7%

Reduced ER visits 23%

Reduced Urgent Care visits 31%

“EZaccessMD is a CFO’s dream! It drives down out-of-control healthcare costs, while dramatically enhancing the quality of care we offer our employees and their families. As a parent, I can also attest that it’s mind-blowing! My son had a sports injury and within 30 minutes of getting hurt, he had an x-ray at our kitchen table and was diagnosed with a sprain by the doctor. Without EZaccessMD, we would have wasted hours in Urgent Care – and spent hundreds of dollars.”


Rochester, NY