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EZaccessMD combines traditional telemedicine with a mobile urgent care service to deliver high quality care at a lower cost, and a better patient experience.

We are transforming how health care is purchased and delivered! Our telemedicine + mobile urgent care service provides the mobile medicine component that virtual care lacks in a traditional telemedicine model.

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We know you are not in it for the dollars, but the change, and we have a partner program that compensates your efforts to work with us to provide the best results and experience for your client!

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A Health Plan Design Solution

We do more on Day 1 than traditional telemedicine because our telemedicine service doesn’t have to refer people to a bricks & mortar facility when symptoms demand in-person care. EZaccessMD simply dispatches our mobile medicine team to an employee’s home or place of work. You know there are going to be claims, and with EZaccessMD as a strategic component of your client’s health care supply chain, you will have the confidence that the claims are cost-efficient.

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