Telemedicine + In-Home Urgent Care

HR’s #1 Benefit of 2024.

We are not health insurance. We provide access to personalized low-acuity care, remotely and in-person, to eligible employees and their families.


How EZaccessMD Works.

EZ Experience

It’s as EZ as 1, 2, 3!

1. Speak to a board-certified physician via phone or video 24/7/365 to discuss your symptoms.

2. If further testing is needed, our professional medical team will come to you the same day.

3. Receive a confirmed diagnosis, a treatment plan, and a script when needed.

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New Release!

Our President, Lois Irwin, shares her expertise on the integration of in-home healthcare services as a game-changing solution for employers and benefit advisors and provides a clear roadmap to leverage this innovative approach and bring quality healthcare directly to the doorsteps of employees.

Featured Success Stories.


Friendly care coordinators deliver personalized care day and night.

15-minute average response time

U.S. board certified doctors consult members in a way that best fits their lifestyle.

Healthcare Delivered

A phone consult is sometimes only the first step. Licensed and trained EZ technicians perform in-person exams.

Better Together

Care coordinators + doctors + mobile technologists = a more enhanced patient experience.

Get Well

We’ll make sure of it. Within a few days of an EZ consult, we check-in to see how you’re doing.

Connect with us.
Your employees will thank you.

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We are changing how health care is delivered

Features & Benefits.

EZaccessMD has an average client utilization rate of 70% (and climbing). That’s more than 10x the average utilization rate for traditional telemedicine.



Divert costly medical claims.



Curb the cost of present but unhealthy employees.



EZaccessMD clients are attracting more top talent.



76% of workers list medical coverage as a top factor when considering employment.



40% of millennials said that a telemedicine option was “extremely or very important.”

And Much More...

EZaccessMD can make a true difference in the working and personal lives of your employees. Give them the benefit they’ve been hoping for.


What Our Clients Say About Us.

President of Large Nursing Home

“Our employees are receiving care more quickly, at their own convenience, and at no cost to them. This care model allows our employees to mitigate common low-acuity conditions before they become more serious. We have also reduced health insurance claims and absenteeism.”

Owner of Property Management Company

“My grandson injured his leg playing sports and, not knowing if it was broken or not, we thought a trip to the emergency room was imminent. My son, who’s an employee of mine, remembered his EZaccessMD benefit. Within the hour, a technologist was in their home administering an x-ray.”

Employee, Senior Care Facility

“I sprained my ankle on Sunday, was worried it was broken. On Monday, I called EZaccessMD from work. They sent a mobile unit to my office for an x-ray, to rule out a fracture. I continued to teach orientation and missed ZERO time! AND it was all FREE!”